Varun Agro processing foods Pvt Ltd

is a leading manufacturer of various tropical fruit pulp & concentrates such as mango, pink guava, banana, papaya, lime and Tomato paste & ketch-up with aseptic packaging. Also continuously evolving in new product ranges like IQF.

  • Total Capacity – 32,000 MT
  • Warehousing Facility – 20,000 MT
  • Ownership – Private Ltd
  • Principle Division – Aseptic, Bottling
  • Certification – FSSC 22000, CSR, SGF, USFDA, HALAL, SGP, KOSHAR, GLOBAL GAP
Our Credibility

Why customers choose us

Productivity Improvement – 35% yield increase versus traditional farming methods

Reduction in Chemical Usage – Fertilizer (25% less Nitrogen) & Pesticide (10% less) chemicals reduction through need based & integrated management versus earlier practice

Soil Health – Balanced Ph and Minerals in soil

Water Management – Conversion of 60 % field to drip irrigation being earlier traditional flood irrigation

Improved Livelihood of our growers – Improving returns from agriculture & better quality of product and positive social impact in the locality

  • Sustainability
    Enriching Sustainability with the economy, society, and the environment
  • Exceptional Quality
    Exceptional Quality
    We are focused on quality as our top priority
  • Farmers First
    Farmers First
    Farmers are at our foundation and we strive for their growth
  • Committed to society
    Committed to society
    We are committed to give back to the society and nature while stepping up to new heights
Delivering Sustainable Commitment

Cultivating the Inclusive growth with Farmers

Small Actions & Big
Foot Prints in
Sustainable Agriculture

our Contribution To Society

Varun Agro is the 1st company in India in this sector which is worked in Public Private Partnership Project (PPP).

Varun Agro is dealing with more than 6400 farmers.

Varun Agro has given more than 80 training to farmers in last year.

Varun Agro And HUL work together in PPP where more than 6400 farmers got benefited in last year by getting subsidies in Crates, Pack house, Pesticides, Seeds, etc .

Varun Agro supports the education and other athletic program for underprivileged children in neighbouring villages close to its factories.


What our clients say

Varun, has helped to deliver capacity for Unilever’s growth in Tomato and to ensure that together we both enjoy a competitive business. They have partnered with farmers through a contract farming approach and have reached 650 farmers in the first year. They have also partnered with Unilever’s enabling parties like Bayer Crop Science in furthering the sustainable agriculture practices. All of the above has also been conducted under the auspices of a successful PPP together with the Maharashtra government.

Martin Huxtable

Beyond compliance Varun had to focus then on managing a contract farming network of 650 small holder farmers in order to deliver the right quality of tomato to the facility at the right time. The facility would also need to process these tomato’s to produce the right quality and quantity of paste under contract from Unilever in its first full year of operation.


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