Sustainability & CSR Activities

As the leading purchaser for fresh Fruits and Vegetables from over form 7,000 farmers, employer of over 300 individuals and producer of ingredients reaching millions of customers, Varun Agro holds a key responsibility in the food supply chain.
Varun Agro is a major supplier of many Fruits and Vegetable based ingredients to Unilever which strictly follows Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) and makes all its vendors follow the same. Therefore, Sustainability defines strategic business objectives of Varun Agro.
An able and empowered team of horticulturists deployed by Varun Agro, has markedly improved socio-economic conditions of farmers who supply their produce to Varun Agro for many years.
Key business objectives of Varun Agro hovers around optimum use of water, harvesting of rainwater, preservation of environment and minimizing carbon footprint.
Varun Agro makes continuous endeavour in developing better education and sanitation in villages, waste disposal and afforestation.

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